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What types of buildings do you pick-up from?2019-01-25T02:29:00+00:00

We pick-up from a variety of buildings. High-rise condominiums, low-rise condominiums, townhouses, apartment buildings, office buildings and commercial units.

How often do you pick-up recycling?2019-01-25T02:15:33+00:00

We pick-up weekly (see Condo Recycling Options).

Does our building have to supply recycling containers?2019-01-25T01:54:28+00:00

We will supply recycling containers to complete buildings at no charge. Individual units will need to supply their own containers

What is the cost for recycling set-up and pick-up?2019-01-25T01:54:46+00:00

Recycling cost for condominium buildings are based on the number of units. For more information call us TODAY! at (403) 680-7557.

What is the cost to assess our building?2019-01-25T01:54:59+00:00

We provide a no obligation free assessment.

Will our garbage cost be reduced?2019-01-25T01:55:18+00:00

Recycling will significant reduce your waste which in turn will reduce your garbage costs.

What area do you service?2019-01-25T01:55:38+00:00

We provide service to Calgary, Airdrie and Okotoks-Alberta.

Is Condo Recycling Solutions a local company?2019-01-25T01:55:54+00:00


How long have you been Recycling in Calgary?2019-01-25T01:56:11+00:00

Since 2003

Are you insured/bonded?2019-01-25T01:56:29+00:00

Yes, we are an insured company with WCB coverage.

How do we get started?2019-01-25T01:56:44+00:00

Simply phone: (403) 680-7557 or email us at info@condorecycling.com